Tuesday, April 24, 2012


We were speaking to a chap on the marina this morning and he posed the question "How are you coping with the freedom?"  Initially I said, "very well thank you"  

Later in the morning we went for a good walk through the local countryside and discussed what a profound question that was (well Elaine thought so anyway !)

As we strolled through the fields we discussed the many facets of that man's question !  We realised that we were free from so many of the everyday burdens of life as in ... mortgages, large utility bills, traffic jams, pressures of work, bloody alarm clocks and the general ties of living the conventional life. 

We now have the freedom to explore a completely different way of life, granted it is now on a budget (something that we have never had to do before) ... but we feel richer than ever before! I really don't know how long it will last, but there is one thing for sure, we are enjoying the moment more and more every day. 

Back to the walk ... the one major thing I love about this country is the ability to walk through the countryside - legally! You simply cannot do it in Australia - beaches and national parks are OK but everything else is 'private', 'keep out' and 'no trespassing' etc.  You can probably go for a stroll in the middle of the Nullarbor but there ain't a lot out there :)

Of course with dogs you haven't got a hope in hell of walking  them on  the beach (Sydney) or national parks.  

We left the marina, over the humpback bridge and went in a bloody great circle ...
Kingfisher Marina
Caxton - 4th boat down
Lots of Rape about !
The dogs of course just love it, they have never been off their leads so much, they just run around, going mental; they are so funny in the longer grass because they have to jump around to see where they are going. The photos below sum it all up really ... Space and Freedom ... Bloody love it!!!!!
Happy Sam - checking out his Kingdom !

Happy Dogs !
Freedom to stand in a field
Happy, Smiling Dogs !
Sniffing out the hedgerows - so glad they didn't see the hares running past  behind them !
Beautiful view !
Tonight we are off to the pub yet again (for the last time!), but will be joined by Mother and various other members of the Macey clan because tomorrow we are....................Moving North.....Crikey!


  1. Hi loving your blog as we plan to do the same in July Nb Sokai Is any one else having problems seeing your photos I cannot see any Thanks Dave B

    1. Sorry - we seem to be having problems - hope you can see them now though ! Hope to see you on the Cut in July then ! El and Paul :)

  2. Hi Paul & Elaine,
    I'm starting to think that you're hiding your photos to increase the number of hits on your blog when I come back to see if they have turned up yet. LOL

  3. Oh Kevin - you sussed out our strategy !! Nah - just kiddin' - must be the new 'blogger' playing up or something ! Hope they are visible now ! El and Paul :)

  4. That photo of your dogs grinning away in the long grass is priceless - so glad that you're all enjoying your new life.

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

    1. Thanks Sue
      We are loving it crappy weather an all.

  5. I am SO pleased that you are enjoying life aboard the ditch-crawler. See if you can get yourselves a copy of Memory Map for the PC (the digital version of Ordnance Survey mapping) you can then make full use of the access to the countryside!
    Take care

  6. I showed this post to Mick the other day (I'm the blog reader and just tell him what everyone's doing). I don't think a day has passed that he hasn't mentioned how inspiring it was for us! We love it and can't wait to get there!
    Elly & Mick

    1. Hi Guys
      The weather is awful, cold, windy and raining, but is is such fun, cant imagine how good it will be when the sun shines. Like I said we don't know how long the feel good factor will last, but its been just over a month now and it has been fantastic, see you soon.