Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Yardley Gobion

We are still at Kingfisher marina in Yardley Gobion, the boat now all sorted and shipshape and ready for the off. We have been making use of the hire van to pick up various bits and pieces, as it has to be returned to Milton Keynes on Friday.

I think I have now mastered the electrics of the boat, although the tumble dryer constantly blows the circuit breakers on the boat and shore power, but if I disconnect the shore power it will run fine on the engine driven 240 generator!

We now have the phone, laptop and printer all sorted (after much gnashing of many sets of teeth !)

We have also purchased 2 life jackets for the dogs plus a life ring for the humans

I have also mastered lighting the fire.....but I do wonder, what is the correct etiquette for getting rid of the ash? I have been letting it cool in a metal bucket and dumping it in the trash.

We are also well rehearsed in the emptying of the toilet cassette!

I have also sorted out the cratch area as best as I can and stored various bits and pieces in the hold; we are trying to make the boat as unclutterd as possible, which is quite difficult after living in a house for so long - and especially with 5 animals !  I don't know how we would have managed on a 58ft boat!

Elaine has turned into a cooking much cooking and baking going on, no complaints from me!  I think she has missed her cooking opportunities over the past few months because she has been so busy with the house stuff.  Her dad gave her quite a few kitcheny  bits and bobs when we were up there, for baking and cooking, so she's been getting good use out of them.

As I have mentioned before, we are paid up up to the end of April on the marina, but will probably leave a bit before that, as we have got a date for some goods that are coming on the slow boat from OZ. They are being delivered to Elaine's dad in Macclesfield, so we will take a leisurely cruise up there to collect some stuff for the boat and store some stuff at his house.

We are still going up the local pub with the dogs every night for a swift half and a chat with the barstaff and locals.

I took the camera tonight a and took a few pics of the village plus the marina - the village and the scenery arouund here are just stunning!  Lastly there are couple of pics from Macclesfield from last week.

nice house
another nice house
more nice houses plus El and mutts
Very grand house
Chooks at the marina, fresh eggs, yum 
The marina
view from side hatch tonight 
Other way 
2 dogs and 2 cats william (cat) was hiding  
Macclesfield cobbled street 
Elaine outside her house 
Elaine's dad with Sammy


  1. Someone mentioned on the Canal World Forum the other day that the mains bollards at Kingfisher are low ampage, so that could explain why things trip while on shore power but not when on the TravelPack.

    1. Thanks Adam, just glad its not a faulty tumble dryer, the galley would have to be dismantled to remove it!

  2. hi guys glad its all coming together.

    you need to be careful with that ash. if you put hot ashes in a bucket to let them cool, they will continue to smolder and emit deadly, odourless carbon monoxide gas which can kill you if it's inside that boat. better to leave them outside to cool. do you have a CO monitor/alarm?

    cheers, roger

    1. Yep we have a CO monitor alarm, the bucket certainly stays hot for a long time!

  3. As far as ash disposal is concerned it can just be dumped discretely in the hedgerow - after it's cooled, obviously!

  4. We use a "Tippy" which is a metal box with handles & a hinged lid, so that when you empty the ash into it & close the lid the ash can not continue to burn as they do not get any air, then when cooled dispose of under the nearest hedge.