Friday, April 27, 2012

A rainy day up the Buckby flight

Elaine here ... we had a good night's sleep last night even though we were next to the train line at Weedon Bec; the trains seemed to stop at about 11 pm but we could hardly hear them before that due to the wonderful double glazed windows on Caxton ! 

This morning we set off for the Buckby locks. Once again it was pouring with rain  but we had to keep on keepin on!   We made a quick stop at the shop at the base of the locks to buy me some waterproof trousers and then we set off - we waited for a while at the bottom lock to see if anyone else was going to come along to share the locks with us, but alas again we were destined to do the flight alone!  I'm not sure exactly what time we started doing the locks but I think we only just made the 1.30 pm deadline !

Paul enjoying his morning shower !
The dogs joined Paul for a wee while between the locks ... 

There was a lot of froth in most of the locks - it was like the boat was having a bubble bath along the way ...
Paul coming up to the 6th lock ...
 On the way to the last lock, we were admiring some ducklings swimming along with their Mum on our right (OK, I know .... starboard side!) - I thought the Mum Duck looked a bit agitated and we looked to our port side to see a bloody great big crow hacking at a duckling in a garden - poor little thing was still kicking - then it flew off with it in its mouth .... nature is so cruel :(

Anyway - onto the 7th lock - the British Waterways chap had cycled ahead and was getting it ready for us when we got there ... very helpful!  And another BW chap helped me fill it and turf Paul out - that was also well appreciated !  As you can see we had a big bubble bath in that lock ....

Just made it in time to be locked out by the BW chappie ... phew ! 

We stopped for water and a 'deposit' just past the lock - only just managed to reach the water tap as someone had moored in front of it - nice !  We carried on a bit and turned left at Norton junction and are moored up opposite this beautiful view tonight !
We sorted out the muddy boat, Paul took the dogs for a walk and then we strolled back to the top lock and had dinner at the New Inn - nice pub but no dogs allowed !  Paul had the hottest curry he has ever had in his life - he was puffing and carrying on all the way through dinner - but he still got thro it !

Still raining tonight !!  Tomorrow - Braunston !

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  1. Very nice moorings just through the bridge there at Norton Junction. I think they're much better than back by the lock.