Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nigel No Friends

We left Norton Junction yesterday morning in the rain, (yes the DROUGHT continues).  The first challenge was the Braunston Tunnel, it's another long tunnel 1867 metres long.  For our non- narrowboat readers these tunnels are barely wide enough for 2 boats to pass plus they are very dark and dank. This one also has a few kinks in it so you have to be very careful when you pass a boat coming the other way, especially on one of the kinks as you could end up having a 1.5mph head on crash ... but when the boats weigh 18 tons each it would still be a fair old bang! I noticed that on the southern side there was a wooden rubbing strake running along the length of the tunnel so your boat can't be damaged (not the tunnel of course) but heading northwards i'ts just you and the bricks!

I can't say that I enjoy the tunnels - it certainty would be a bit freaky to break down in one.  It reminds me of flying, can't say that I enjoy it but it is nice when you get to the other side!

After exiting the tunnel there are 6 locks down to Braunston; once again we hung around for nearly an hour waiting to lock down with another boat to save water in the DROUGHT.   Alas, none came along so once again we went on our own - so now we have been through 3 flights (20 locks) all on our own (Nigel No Friends!) 

Rising Damp Problem?
We arrived at Braunston and tied up on the 48 hour mooring.  The boat in front was having a new cratch cover fitted so I spoke to the lady performing the job and we have an appointment to see her 10.00 am on Monday to get the cratch zip fixed.

We went for a walk around the village and had a swift one at the The Plough Inn (dog-very-friendly - even with free Schmakos !).  There was an end of season football do on for a local football team, but they were a very nice, polite and humorous bunch, very different from my playing days!

In the evening we went for a walk to the Boat Inn for dinner - now this is where I am gobsmacked  ....  Elaine had a seafood ravioli, I had steak and ale pie with chips and peas, waitress service, very clean and efficient pub - actually a very nice pub full-stop, but not in the traditional quaint country pub style as it is a Marstons chain pub. The cost....10 pounds which equates to $15.40 Aussie dollars!!!!

Last night and today the DROUGHT continued with gale force winds and driving rain!  So we had a very lazy day reading, doing a crossword and playing on the internet (not games, just surfing).
I took the dogs out in the rain and mud this morning plus went to the butcher and bought some fantastic snags. 
Blogging with Geoffrey editing !
Walking the dogs in the UK DROUGHT

NEWS FLASH............7.30pm Sunday night, the sun has just came out !!!!! Hallelujah the DROUGHT has broken :)  Time to go to the pub and celebrate with a drink or two !
Blue Sky - 7.30 pm !

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  1. Just catching up wiv yer blogs. Nice to see you guys having fun in the rain, these dry seasons are buggers, wait till the rainy season starts!