Monday, April 30, 2012

Zip fixed and the sun came out - oh, happy day !

Hi !  Elaine here ...

We ended up having a late night last night - didn't get to bed til midnight !  It was all those folks fault at the Admiral Nelson pub in Braunston - we only popped in for a quick one - which turned into a quick two or three!  Paul, myself and the (muddy) dogs were made very welcome by the Bar manager, Michelle - it was a yukky night so there was only one other couple in the pub and also another chap, 'Spanky'!  The other couple left quite soon after we got there (??) which just left the four of us - we had a great chat and the time just flew by!  The Admiral Nelson is under new management apparently - so we wish them well - it is a really nice pub - but it's just off the beaten track and in the middle of the locks of the Braunston flight - so I think it may get overlooked a fair bit.  Shame !  In case you need to call them their new tel no is 01788 891900 - I found it really hard to find the number via the internet.

Here is a sign which was on the mantlepiece in front of the fire - and also the toilet seat - all of which I found very amusing (maybe it was the Guiness !) ...
Great sign and 'Spanky's special tobacco tin !
Spanky got a lovely fire going for us !
Toilet seat - I want one !!
Anyway - as expected - we were a little worse for wear this morning but woke up to a beautiful sunny day - with just a little bit of a breeze to help blow all the puddles away !  England has such stunningly beautiful countryside but it is especially so when the sun is out ...:)

We had an appointment with the zip people this morning at 10 am - so we had to undress the boat to take the cratch cover in ....

The cratch looking a bit naked !
... made it quite accessible for a good clean up though !
The zip people (actually called AJ Canopies, Braunston) did a quick repair for us and also patched up a little tear on the starboard side - all in 1.5 hours !  As we were on a 48 hour mooring, it was time for us to move on, so we did a quick stop to get some water etc. - then just moved along a little way and tonight we are moored just opposite the Boat House pub ...
lovely blue skies !

We've had two lovely chats with some elderly boaters today - it was just such a brilliant privilege to have the time to stay and have a long conversation and listen to their stories ... in our 'previous lives' we would have had to be rushing along to our next 'appointments' with no time to stay and chat ... it was brilliant!  One of the boaters is aged 74 and has been cruising on his own for over 8 years (with his dog) - he absolutely loves it and his only wish is that he had done it earlier.  He said he never makes plans and just goes where he feels like - but did say it does his head in when there is a fork in the canal - and he actually has to make a decision !  He was ex-Navy so had travelled the planet quite extensively but really loves exploring this country !  So inspirational !:)

We went for a walk to the village after we moored up - actually we had to drop in at the Chandlers first - to get a few items, including one fender to replace on that had disappeared along the way and also a tiller pin - ' cos ours dropped in the cut after getting tangled up in a bit of rope when we moored up - bugger !!!!
Taking a short cut through a field with sheep and lambs !
Sheep always look like they are 'chewing gum' to me - like they got 'attitoood'!!
On the way up to Braunston village
An old windmill just behind the Church - looks a bit bald !
Just one of the beautiful cottages

Stunning gardens ... what a brilliant time of year !

  Tomorrow we will resume our journey northward - not sure yet how far we will go but we really need to find a pet shop soon - our animals will only eat Royal Canin biscuits, and they have run out so are whinging !  (The mince / rice / chicken isn't quite doing it for them - poor kids !)
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