Sunday, September 16, 2012

Battlefield Steam Trains and Sam goes AWOL

We are still moored at Shackerstone. This weekend is the Battlefield line Steam Gala ... Shackerstone sits at one end of the line and we are moored about 200 metres from the station!   We took a walk up to the station and spent a couple of hours trainspotting.......I loved it, not quite sure about Elaine and Mother.

I won't bore the pants off you so I will let the pics do the work ...
In use at Blue Circle Cement until 1962! 
Ticket Office
Elaine, Mother and the Dogs Thoroughly Enjoying Themselves 
GWR no 3803 Built in 1939
45379 Lovely Engine
LMS Black 5 Built 1937
Isn't she gorgeous
Ticket Office
Elaine and Mother left me inhaling the fumes and went back to the boat.  Elaine broke out the Autosol and started polishing the hatches and when I finally got back I sanded back and touched up some of the recent battle scars.
Bombo started barking inside the boat so when Elaine went to see what the problem was we realised he was alerting us to the fact that Sam had gone missing (smart dog Bombo!).  Sam had been sleeping inside the boat and we still don't know how he took off without us seeing him!   Elaine went looking in the village, whilst I went across the fields, but with no luck so I came back to grab the treadlie.   Elaine had been through the village and down to the pub with no luck so she went over the turnover bridge and went down the tow path ... where she found him playing with another dog on a boat (NB Everglades) they thought he was off the boat next to them; they said he had been running up and down the towpath - jumping on people's boats and had been staring at someone's parrot for quite a while too !
Panic over ... but it was a worry - thankfully there is very little traffic on the roads around here.  I don't know whether he would have come back, he is a bit how do you say....thick!  But so lovable :-)
Elaine reckons he was bored shitless with the steam trains and just wanted to get away.....!
Our Mooring
 At about 6pm brother Martin dropped in to see us on his way back from his work at Birmingham airport to his home in Ashby De La Zouch.

So back up to the station, for another look - the public had all gone just leaving the volunteers to play trains.

Then it was off to The Rising Sun for a pint before returning to the boat for a bit of Gnocchi!
Sam loved the Steam Trains.....not !!!

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