Thursday, September 20, 2012

Polesworth and a meeting with the Ambos

We stayed in Polesworth today to catch up on some shopping, plus I wanted to tidy up the wiring on the Mastervolt.

We were up this way last May and whilst taking the dogs for walk Bombo had a funny turn and was laying on his side; I was reassuring him when an Ambulance stopped and asked if he was OK ... he was, he just has reverse sneezing problems that debilitate him for a while.

Today we were in the centre of Polesworth and we were in an alley kneeling down packing away the shopping into the rucksacks, when we heard the siren of an Ambulance approaching.  It stopped at the end of the alley - I said to the driver 'we are all OK' and. he replied 'I will just park the ambulance safely' and drove on to do just that !  The next thing we knew, the 2 ambos are next to us in the alley way asking us what the problem was, they thought we were kneeling over a body!

It turned out that they should have been a flat above the alley ... an old boy had collapsed and couldn't get up.  Very efficient these ambos around here !!!!

Next it was the butcher - I had a Sydney Ferries jacket on, so he gave me some Aussie coins he had in his till!  Friendly bunch up here :)

When we got back to the boat Elaine had a lie down as she felt a bit crook, so I finished tidying up the Mastervolt wiring.  The only negative on the battery now is for the auto bilge pump, the rest all go through the shunt.  Really glad I got all that sorted - it had been bugging me for ages!  Now, when you check the Mastervolt panel it will tell you how many amps are being drawn even if you turn on one light etc.  Hopefully, I won't be looking at it every ten seconds!

Tomorrow we are on the move again ...


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