Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Manly Ferry Grounded by Man-Flu

We awoke Monday morning at Fradley Junction to the sound of very heavy rain, and high winds; it was lovely and cosy in the boat but the water gauge was reading below zero - we haven't ran out of water so I don't know how accurate it is.

I donned the full 'Manly Ferry' wet weather gear and wellies and off we went - we only had one lock to do so Elaine stayed down below, no point in her putting all the gear on for one lock!

I quite enjoyed it up there on my own thinking about future plans and the state of the nation etc.

We passed pallets of crappers at the Armitage Shanks factory bound for dunnies the world over.  I was  watching a chap who really seemed to enjoy his job - he was disposing of the rejects, he made sure everyone was smashed in a spectacular fashion as it went into the waste skip!

Pallets of toilets, it was a bit dark
This was the worst weather I had steered the boat in without a doubt, but as a true-blue hero (oh really!!! Elaine) was determined to find a water point and fill that bloody water tank!

We filled the tank at the water point next to to the driving range just past Spode House, which is a very impressive building, but it was just too wet to get a pic.

After filling the tank we headed onwards through Rugeley, past the picturesque power station and moored up for the night near Wolseley Bridge.

We took the dogs for a walk and ended up at the Wolseley Arms pub - but we had to sit outside as they were not doggy friendly.

It was here that I started to feel a bit dodgy, we started to walk back to the boat and all the symptoms started to kick in ... it was the curse of modern man, which will never be  understood by women......yep MAN-FLU!!!!

Elaine had left a veggie stew bubbling on top of the fire when we went out and when we came back it was all cooked through and ready to eat!  As my man-flu was a very bad case I only managed one glass of red last night !  Elaine made me up some of her magic potions (herbal remedies! - Elaine), I took those and had an early night at 23.30!

Had a pretty good night's sleep but have decided to stay here and stay inside the boat rather than go out and risk the full blown Man-Flu virus2 (I made that bit up)!

So far so good......2 cups of tea plus breakfast, all in bed!

If you dont believe me about MAN-FLU check this here  

Cough cough sneeze snot splutter!!!!!