Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fully Fendered Bow

I was up bright and early to fit the new bow and side fenders.
The dogs carried on sleeping!


We now have a new fender under the button.

Plus a rope fender each side to hopefully protect the cratch cover.

Then we were off up the Oxford, goodbye Braunston

It was a lot colder today, both Elaine and mother had the Uggs on.....so did I later, I fear summer has finished, never mind I didn't think it was too bad actually.

Elaine having a chat with a couple of Kiwis at Hillmorton locks, they were on a hire boat and were having a bit of a crappy time, whilst moored at Rugby someone untied their boat and threw dog shit at it! 

We are now moored at Newbold, so Barley Mow or The Boat Inn...... 
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  1. Barley Mow - but pubs change. Those dogs and cats have taken to it like well, dogs and cats to boats

  2. Was nice to meet you at Braunston, hopefully next time we can have a proper chat when were not on the move. Happy cruising x