Thursday, September 6, 2012

Strafed at Napton

This morning we set off from Fenny Compton while the weather was a little cool but it didn't take long to warm up ... Jaffa assumed his position in a the  sunny cratch - it's a hard life !

Before we set off El picked a few hawthorn berries as she wanted to make what she was calling 'hawthorn berry leather' ... she is loving making lotions and potions out of things she finds along the hedgerow! 

Today it was Sam's turn for the life ring ...
We passed some horses grazing with a couple of swans ...

At the top of the Napton flight we met a couple of Aussies going the other way - they arrived in January for a year.  They are loving it and don't want to go back!

Next to the Napton flight is a field of water England!

Whilst I was taking some pics of the buffalo Elaine started pointing behind me "its behind you" she said!
"Oh no it's not" - "Oh yes it is!" .... and then 'whoosh' over the top of us ...

I just managed to get a shot as a jet fighter passed right over the top of us - very low, fast and noisy.  I think it was a Tornado, it was most impressive.

Back to the buffalo........

We are now moored in the middle of nowhere about 3 miles from Braunston.
Another perfect day !


  1. We moored along there last night, lovely and quiet, except for the tractors going back to the farm with the grain but we like that sort of noise! Bit of a dog poo problem though, all those lovely moorings and we moor at the side of the smelliest dog poo ever! Flicked it into the hedge made it worse!

    Look out for Lady Esther (going the same way as you) lovely couple Dave & Ang

    If you make Brauston tomorrow we are moored to the right of the junction and staying until Sat.

    Ali x

  2. Hi guys - very envious of your travels and absoluteley love the buffalos. When are you coming down our bit of the Grand Union canal. Hopefully we'll catch up at some point this year - safe travels.xx

    1. Hi Guys, heading north again now, should be down your way springtime xx