Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fabulous Fenny Compton

We had another walk around Croperdy this morning before we up-anchored.
At the second lock of the day we met one of our blog readers on NB Gee Jay ... thanks guys!

There is an old boat under this foliage, quick lick of paint and 'she'll be right' ...

Very expensive lettuce for sale by the side of the lock!

This was the colour of the sky today - beautiful sight !  Very nice and warm too.

Lovely scenery once at the top of the flight ....
 Bombo was laying in a different spot on the roof - you will see why later  ...

Just lovely ...

We met a different breed of boater yesterday and today - they never go out during school holidays because there are too many kids about !  We survived the school holidays unscathed - we didn't get the boat stoned or gobbed- on etc. - perhaps we were lucky  :)

The canal  narrows as you get close to Fenny Compton and you go through the tunnel - although it is no longer a tunnel, just a cutting!

We stopped the boat in the 'tunnel' so El could pick some rosehips ...

This is what yesterday's purchase (wicker basket) is being used for - it stores my cruising junk when we are on the move, eg,  camera, binoculars, guide book,walkie talkie and cuddly toy etc.  

This is why Bombo had to move to a different spot on the roof, Geoffrey took control of the life ring - and very comfy he got too !

We moored up just past Fenny Compton wharf, the combine was in action next to the canal ...

A most impressive sight - I haven't seen a combine harvester in action since I lived in the UK in the 1970s.  Nowadays the driver is well protected in his air conditioned and dust free cab!

We walked down to the Wharf Inn for dinner - El took a dive down a 'hole' on the towpath on the way (which was about 2 inches in diameter) - so she is a bit sore tonight !  Apart from that another perfect day comes to an end!

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