Friday, September 14, 2012

Onto the Ashby and into the Wilderness...

We left Hawkesbury Junction Thursday morning in chilly conditions - the sun came out a bit later and I burnt the top of my head.....Oh to have hair again!

Soon passed by charity dock.....strange place!

Very sharp right hand turn onto the Ashby Canal ...

And through bridge No1 ...

The canal passes the Triumph factory at Hinckley ... my T100 Bonneville (which we sold just before we came to the UK) was made there in 2003; nowadays the Bonneville for the Aussie market is made in Thailand!
... Thaiumph Bonneville ! 

We moored at Stoke Golding last night.  I took the dogs for a look around the village, but it was a bit too far to walk there with Mother, so no pub for us :-(

Mr Mastervolt came down to the boat this morning to check out the Mastervolt system - everything seems to work fine but the readings on the remote panel just do'nt read right; he is coming back Monday with more diagnostic gear.

Once he left we motored off  in very blustery conditions - we were held up on a sharp bend because a boat had got well and truly stuck!

A herd of cows came charging down the bank towards the boat ...

But they just wanted a drink!

Amusing chippie sign....Battle of Bosworth - get it?! 

Is it a pheasant?

All the harvest is now gathered ... 
Ducks bottoms ...
We are now moored at Shakerstone, in the middle of nowhere, but there is a pub and its only about 200 metres away from the boat ... not too far for mumsie to walk to.  We are also right next to 'The Battlefield Railway'; this weekend is a Steam Gala festival - Elaine is so excited about seeing more steam trains :)

Nearly forgot, the title of the blog, as in 'Wilderness' - the Ashby canal is a bit remote innit?!


  1. You are in Dave & Ang's(Lady Esther) neck of the woods. They moor at Hinkley and live nearby. Sure they would GO FOR A BEEEEEER!

  2. Bet your mum can drink you two under the table, Hic.....

  3. Lovely canal the Ashby, if you can get up the hill to Market Bosworth the chippie is superb and there is a really good butchers. Recommend The Rising Sun at Shackerstone as well!

    1. We were in the rising sun last night, good food and great service