Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Arvo in Shackerstone

It's Sunday arvo and we are still moored in Shackerstone; we left mum on the boat and took the dogs for a walk through the local farmland, just lovely.

Later in the afternoon Elaine slaved away in the kitchen making fish cakes and ciabatta.  I washed and polished one side of the boat ... must get a powered buff!

After working up a sweat the only course of action was to go to the pub!

Pic of Caxton through the farmyard ...

The Rising Sun is only 200 metres from the boat!

Mother got the 1st that bad?

I like this pub - this is our 3rd visit, it has a nice feel to it!
We had to laugh at a group of 4 who came in the pub, they were so well dressed as if they were going out to the Theatre -  well they got the drinks in and then ... played dominoes .... love it!
Very Nice Pub
Me and Mum having a beer
 After a few beers and nuts Elaine and mum went back to the boat whilst I went up to the station to see if any steam train action was happening; it was well past public closing time so I was the only member of public having a sticky beak.

They were uncoupling the black 5 and getting it ready to put in the shed ...

It really is a stunning engine

The driving wheels are 6 feet in diameter, exciting or what?!

And off it went to bed ...

Had a lovely dinner back on the boat - mum has crashed out to bed at 7.30pm! At last I can drink someone under the table.......

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  1. Oh... your at Shackerstone, John's at Foxton, both been to the pub, I've been cleaning and shopping, where would I prefer to be.......

    We liked the Ashby and it looks like you are enjoying it too

    Glad you found Sam, & I with Elaine, he was bored with the trains!!!

    Ali x