Sunday, September 30, 2012

'Tis grim day up North tha' knows !

... weather-wise that is - mind you it is October tomorrow!

We are both having trouble fighting off this bloody wog*, we are soothing it with lashings of Baileys at the moment - for medicinal purposes of course !

We had a bit of lie-in this morning - well it is Sunday (not that we need an excuse!).  Whilst we had the hire car we decided to go to Stoke on Trent Tesco for a stock up......exciting so far ain't it?!!

We took the doggies for a walk around the marina first, we hadn't gone far when we came across an ambulance treating an old boy on the deck who had taken a tumble on the marina and smashed his face in; I gave them a hand to lift him on the stretcher - he was a big old boy, he was in a very dazed and confused condition.  I'm not sure whether he was a boater or gongoozler  - I hope I didn't contaminate him with my Manflu!

The Tesco store was in a suburb of Stoke called Meir Park and by the state of the punters doing the shopping it appears it could be a rather wealthy suburb, not a chav in sight :)

We still haven't had a good look around Stone yet but from what we have seen it looks quite nice - there are certainly lots of pubs anyway!   There does seem to be a direct correlation between charity shops and betting shops in these little towns ... I cannot think of anything worse than sitting in a betting shop all day spending money ...  which the majority of punters don't have to spend in the first place.  I hate them, they are a scourge of the high street.

Fresh Tuna for dinner tonight and I have already cooked a chook for the animals ... not that they are spoilt!!!!

Tomorrow we are going back up to Macc to collect my prescription drugs from Boots, so will be out and about for much of the day again !

How exciting a blog was that?!  It is hard when you don't move every day ... we are here for 5 months so it could  be a struggle with content. I would add that after being here for 4 days it just doesn't compare with everyday cruising.  Roll on March :-)

an Australian meaning for 'wog' is illness (or virus, such as the flu virus) - used in sentences like He's off work with a wog.


  1. and chook is.............? (I googled it - chicken!)

    I am feeling a bit better, but I have worked through my cold, and cleaned and polished the boat!

    Hope you are soon both feeling much better

    Ali x

    1. Good use of the word chook.....
      Chook raffle is the name given to the Australian tradition of "raffling off" chicken meat, often in clubs or pubs.
      The name derives from "chook", an Australian term for a chicken. Most often the chicken is prepared by a butcher, but live chickens are sometimes raffled.
      The chook raffle is a special case of a meat raffle, but is more often used as a fund-raising activity by an amateur club or organisation.
      Perhaps because of this association, the expression tends to be used disparagingly about someone who claims to have, or should have, superior organisational skills, that they "couldn't run a chook raffle".

      Paul x

  2. I always thought the aussies felt a bit "crook" when they were a bit under the weather. I learn something new every day.

    G'day cobbler!

    M n M

    1. Poor old Elaine is fair dinkum crook as Rookwood!!