Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Aussie catch up !

Elaine here ... 

This morning Paul was out with the dogs (while I was still unconscious !!!) - when he met our Aussie pals from NB Ferndale; they mentioned that they had some very special visitors coming over for morning tea and asked us to join them ...

We headed over to the open air deck at the agreed time and there we were really happy to meet Elly and Mick from NB Parisien Star - it was so good to meet them at last !

So we had a cup of lovely Aston marina coffee and a slice of cake (thanks guys!) - and had a good old chin wag and put the world to rights !

It got a bit chilly sitting outside, so Diane went and got a coat for their dog, Banjo and also for Ellie, Micky and Ray (we had come prepared!) - but the dogs were still up for cuddles to keep them warmer!

Sam fell in love with Banjo - and kept harassing him !!

Finally we said cheerio to everyone - Elly and Mick wanted to get off to make the most of their hire car!!

After that the day went downhill as we had to pop to Morrison's for a stock up ... boring !!  Made a yummy veggie lasagne for tea though, so it was worth it - the animals were happy too as they all had chicken for tea !

Tomorrow we will catch up with some more friends from Oz - who are over on holiday ...
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