Monday, October 8, 2012


We had a very late night last night ... no special reason just didn't go to bed till 2.00am.
Usual late start to the day, Bombo didn't really get going at all!

The BSS examiner arrived on time at midday and checked over the boat - no problems. so we now have a new certificate for 4 years.

Clive Penny is our examiner's name, he is based in Stone and runs a company called Canal Electrics  Very nice chap!

As I was starting to look like what Elaine calls 'a mad Professor' she kindly offered to give me a hair 'do' this afternoon - so, out came the dog clippers - and extension cord !  I had my first open air / dockside hair cut (with doggie clippers!).  She did a good job though - you can't really go wrong with a Number 1!!  Good job we bought those dog clippers - they won't be used on Bombo 'til the weather warms up :)

I then repainted the stove, been putting it off for ages, it scrubbed up quite well.

As the boat now stunk with paint fumes, what else could we do apart from take the dogs for a walk and have a beer at The Swan Inn in Stone ...Sammy is getting on very well with the locals!

Early night tonight methinks.

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