Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Aussie No-Claims a 'No-Go'

I took the hire car back to Stafford, then they drove me back to the marina - excellent service as usual ... which is a lot more than I can say for the British car insurance industry.   I spent about 4 hours trying to get a decent price on an insurance policy on the car we are picking up this week.  The biggest bug-bear appears to be for them to recognise my 31 years of documented no-claims bonus whilst in Australia.....what they don't seem to appreciate is that I am probably the only person in Oz to have such a long accident-free period.  Anyone who has been to Oz will know what I am talking about, with them being the world's worst drivers, bar the Arabs!  Defensive driving rules!!

Reason for not recognising the no-claims discount..... "fraud / money laundering / terrorism and we-just- don't" ....WTF!  As for the meerkat 'simples' - it aint !

So - I had to pay for the full whack with Churchill who's main selling point to me was that you speak to an English call centre not an Indian one, but as I was talking to a Geordie all I could say was. "come again" and "do it again" etc.

The funny thing is, although I had to pay full whack it was still cheaper than the last Aussie insurance we had but, to be fair, the the Aussie car was brand new not a 9 year old vehicle.

The new/old car was supposed to ready Thursday but I rang today and they are waiting for a part for the aircon, so now it's Friday - no worries says I.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning the engine bay before the rain became too much, had a read, fell asleep then walked the dogs!

Meanwhile the other half, Elaine, spent the whole day in bed as she is having real trouble trying to shake off her female acquired Manflu. A dose of Home and Away tonight could be on the cards.

Man Utd on the box tonight,with a nice little glass of red....luverly!         


  1. It ain't just you that has a gripe about the NCB system operated by UK motor insurers! I passed my test 40 years ago, and have never, ever made a claim, but am still currently only entitled to 7 years NCB. How could this be? Well it is due to the motor insurance industry operating in an under hand way. They advertise NCB as a %, then when you sign up it is allocated in years. Different companies offer their full NCB allowance on different numbers of years, e.g, one may allow a max on 9 years, where another's may come in on only 4 years. Add to that the fact you currently have to change insurer annually just to benefit from the 'new customers only' additional discount, and not experience an average 30% increase in premium, then as you leave one company where you were on their max at 4 years, and join another whose max comes in on 9 years, and they only allow you to claim what the previous company puts in writing, then guess who is always the loser? Me their sucker of a customer! Honestly, it is cheaper to take the hit on a fine for being caught with no insurance than pay the price to remain legal these days - not that an ex-copper would ever endorse that kind of behaviour of course. Try and complain - and nobody wants to know. Rip off Britain strikes again! Rant over!

  2. Know what you mean Peter, I didnt even want to start on the ripoff phone numbers 0845 etc but at least you can get around most of them!

  3. Caroline and MartinOctober 2, 2012 at 9:12 PM

    this web site SAYNOTO0870.COM searches to see if there are cheaper alternative tel numbers for the company, give it a whirl next time you only have a premium 0845 etc number, most I've looked up have an alternative, Caroline

    1. I have used that site, I just find it a tad annoying that they want to rip you off on a phone call.

  4. Paul,
    The good news is when you go back to Australia the Oz insurance industry will accept your UK NCB record! Or will they!!!!!!

    1. Hi Tom
      That's the rub, they accept it no question.