Thursday, October 4, 2012

So Many Barn Owls

This afternoon, I was finishing getting the boat ready for its BSS Certificate (which will take place on Monday - shouldn't be a problem but you never know!)  Elaine was giving the boat a good clean on the inside when I heard her having a chat out on the marina ... so I went out for a sticky-beak!  It was a couple from Stourport (that is, they keep their boat there) who were looking for a new marina to moor their BARN OWL No 4  "River Phantom".  We had a good chat plus we gave them a little tour of Caxton; they followed the blog when Lesley and Joe owned  Caxton but they don't read ours though ... wonder why not :-(

We waved them off when they cruised off heading back towards Stourport, they are looking for a new berth from next March.

Just as we were about to go on a walk a boat moored next to us, I gave him a hand to tie up and had a quick chat, they are leaving the boat here until next spring, so now we have boats both side of us, but neither are live-aboards. This really suits us, we are not unsociable, but they are really close, plus as I tend to walk around the boat naked I didn't want the guys to get jealous!
That's us top middle ...

We took the doggies for an afternoon walk and noticed NB Quantum Leap BARN OWL No 11 on the marina!!  Barn Owls abound !

They are running water taxis from the marina all weekend down to the Stone food and drink festival, should be a good do - please don't rain!

We walked to 'Little Stoke' to what we think is our closest pub (apart from the marina bar) - The Three Crowns.  It was a very nice pub but not dog friendly, never mind we can have some adult time down there without the kids!

On the way back to the boat we stopped at the marina farm shop ...

Its a terrific shop with some really really nice......stuff!

Yesterday we bumped into Ray and Diane from NB Ferndale - another couple of Aussies who are moored on the marina for winter; it was a very quick chat as we were trying to get to the farm shop before it closed for the day but we will catch up again.

Now I know I am always banging on about the crap Aussie drivers but I can't help it !  The other night we watched the last episode of Mrs Biggs (true story on the life of train robber Ronnie Biggs' Mrs) -good show by the way!  Long story short she is living in Melbourne with her 3 kids and has just returned from the beach, just about home and she gets T-boned at a junction critically injuring one of her kids.  The ambulance comes and is taking her and the kids to hospital with full lights and sirens when it gets rammed by a car who didn't give way. Tragically the poor kiddie died :(

I don't know why their chronic driving bothers me so much - probably due to the amount of near misses I had nearly every day.  As for riding a motorbike over there, what can I say, I survived!

Tomorrow we are supposed to pick up our new / old car - they have spent a week getting it ready for us - hopefully not an omen!

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