Tuesday, October 30, 2012

If You go Down to the Woods Today.......

Not a lot going in marina land at the mo.
Sunday we went out for a lovely lunch at a pub whose name escapes me, yesterday the highlight was going to Tescos mind you it was the upmarket Meir Heath branch, no Chavvies here I tell ya.

Lovely fishy dinner last night on the good ship, which brings us to today......

We took the doggies for a walk to the magic Downs Banks woods, situated just north of Stone.

Sammie was keen for the off

There were a few cars in the carpark, but we only passed a few people in the woods

It is such a lovely walk

You can see for miles in every direction


There is a millennium monument at the top

It points out the surrounding landmarks, we could see up to 45 miles! 

Elaine daintily crossing the creek!

When we got back to the boat I/We packed my bags for my trip to Sydney tomorrow.

We then finished the day off with a Guinness for me and a merlot for El down at The Swan.

I will do a few posts from Sydney to stay in touch and most importantly keep the ratings from sliding.... :-)

Enjoy the winter peoples!


  1. We can come and walk with you Elaine in the woods Diane and Ray and Banjo : )

  2. See you when you get back then. Keep safe and enjoy the Aussie summer.

    1. Sure will Lesley, see you in the new year.