Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lovely Day

Elaine here ...

Last night I took the dogs out for their last walk of the day (about 11 pm !) - it was pretty spooky because it was foggy and the moon was bright !  We had a quick walk around the Marina and headed back in to the boat - actually Sammy dragged me back to the boat !!

This morning we awoke to our first foggy morning since being here - I love it!!  This was the view from the side hatch..

... and another view - also note the spider's web - there have been quite a few appearing on the moored boats next to us - some are quite spectacular.   I don't suppose the owners will think so though when they come back to their boats !

We fiffed and faffed about 'til midday and then set off for Macc.  The fog had long gone by then and it turned out to be a spectacularly sunny day - even felt a bit warm !

Our first stop in Macc was to visit my Daddy.  As it was around lunchtime when we got there he made us an impromptu lunch - wish I could do impromptu cooking like that ... he whipped up a Fettuccine with Mushrooms, Marsala and Mascarpone dish that he had found in his Nigellissima cookbook - it was sooooo yummy !

Next stop was to grab a cuppa with our mates, Jane and Andy - that went way too fast !  We had to keep moving as we also wanted to pop in to see my brother Trev and my nephew Ant - which we did and then set off before it got too dark (we don't much like driving in the dark !).  Trev gave us two bags of wood that he had chopped up for us into bite size pieces!  

When we got back to Stone, time was getting on so we decided to continue our Italian-themed day and ordered a couple of small pizzas.  What a shame the pizza shop was right next door to the Swan pub - we had to go in there to keep warm while we were waiting !!  We couldn't believe how busy it was for a Sunday night - it is definitely a 'locals' pub - friendly locals though :)

Then we headed back to the marina, unloaded our wood, walked the dogs, got to the boat, lit the fire (using our new wood) sat our derrieres down, ate pizzas, drank a glass of wine and then watched the first of the second series of Homeland !

Lovely day !!

Tomorrrow the boat inspector man cometh !


  1. Just your regular store cupboard ingredients then - Marsala and Mascarpone. Jill

    1. Yes dear old Burtie is going through the Nigella Bellissima stage! Very nice grub!