Saturday, October 27, 2012

Elaine's big day out !

Elaine here ... reporting on my 'big day out'!

Since I knew we would be at Aston Marina for some time I started researching what events / attractions were coming up while we are here.  My favourite one - and one I have been 'hanging out' to attend - was the 'Celebration of Complementary Healing, run by the Holistic Health Connection.  The event was at Sandon Hall in Sandon (funny that!) and incorporated lots of lovely holistic healing therapies, stalls and talks.

Sandon Hall is a magnificent building with fantastic grounds ... apparently 400 acres of them !


The autumnal colours made it look even more spectac.

Paul came in with me for a looksie and a cuppa before he left me to it for the day!  He can't take too much 'woo woo' stuff !!

This is the hall full of the exhibitors ... they had talks in the library and a cafe in the orangery - all of which was just magnificent !

I started off with reflexology treatment with a lovely lady, who I shall be visiting again soon as she is based in a nearby village!  I then attended a talk with Dominic James who has written The Reiki Man trilogy - he explained his journey to Reiki and how he came to write the three fictional books incorporating Reiki; I have only read the first one thus far but have the next two queued up on my Kindle to read soon !

I then had a mooch about looking at the stalls before I went in for my next treatment of the day - 'Angelic Reiki' ... it was sooooo good - felt like it balanced up the left and right sides of the old brain - which is always a good thing !!

After that I had another mooch about and bought a lovely quartz crystal and a light box to sit it on ... soooo pretty !  I also bought some Nag Champa incense plus and incense holder and then I found 3 CDs with relaxing music for animals - for just one pound each - bargain!  (Bombo and Sammy are thrilled with them !)

Then I went in for a talk on Aromatology - which is basically about using essential oils undiluted in various forms - which is a very specialised practice in the UK but common practice in much of Europe.  It was funny because the lady giving the talk was trained by Penny Price - who is the daughter of Shirley Price - one of the very first people to bring Aromatherapy as we know it to the UK.  Anyway, it was Shirley Price that I learnt my Aromatherapy from way back in 1990 - made me feel a bit old that !!!

After that I had another little mooch about while I waited for Paul to come and pick me up - I had a lovely day and a lot of soul and spirit replenishment !

When Paul arrived he announced that he had located a place for another bit of spirit replenishment not far from Sandon Hall ... he was quite excited as he thought he had found his 'quintessential English pub'!  Here it is ... the Holly Bush Inn in Salt - apparently the second oldest pub in England or so he tells me !  It was nice and friendly but not what Paul had envisaged - so he is still on his quest!

We had a quick half while the dogs waited in the car - I also had a jacket potato as I had forgotten to eat all day with all the excitement !!  I told Paul all about my day - and this was his response ... 

What like-minded souls we are !!

After visiting the Holly Bush we headed back to the boat where it was nice and warm and snuggly from Paul's expert fire-making skills !  The weather really has changed in the last day or so - the temps are in single digits now so the bubble coats are well and truly out !  We do like the nice clear skies though, even though it is crisp and cold !

Another lovely day!


  1. We'll have to go out together when I come over! Take no notice of Paul, it's a bloke thing - I'm sure you don't anyway!

    Sounds like a wonderful day :-)

  2. Isnt holloween a Holistic holiday.

  3. Paul's face looks a lot like Ken's when I take him to things - maybe it's a man thing. Very envious of the CD's for animals - will have to keep an eye out.xx

  4. Paul's face looks an awful lot like Ken's face when I take him to similar things - it must be a man thing. I'm very envious of the CD's for animals, I'll have to keep an eye out for them.xx