Monday, October 1, 2012

Cheap Drugs !!

Had to put these pics on of Sammy being fed some of the chook I cooked for them last night, his eyes nearly pop out of his head!


We had to drive over to Macclesfield today so I could pick up my drugs, this time we went via Leek, its a bit shorter on distance but a bit longer on time, but what lovely scenery on the way.....
Rudyard lake

We left the dogs with Elaine's dad again and walked off down to Boots to pick up the drugs. I am on drugs for blood pressure and cholesterol ... 2 months' supply cost me 15 quid - the same drugs back in Oz cost me 90 quid!!!!!! Good old NHS.

The next script should come to Stone - we have a system figured out - hopefully it will work !!

Once we got back to the boat I started cleaning out the engine room, Caxton is up for its 4 year Boating Safety Certificate this month, so I want it to look all super and shipshape.

Elaine has gone to bed early as she is having a bit of a relapse.......whilst I sip on a nice Aussie red ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

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