Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Bit of Wind!

The promised wind arrived on time today ... it even created waves on the marina!  We nearly lost a few bits off the roof, but managed to lash them down before the real big gusts came through.  The boat has been rocking around slightly which is very unusual for a marina.

Today's view from the side hatch ...
Don't often see waves in the marina !

It was rough here today but this is really rough ... this is one of the Manly ferries, crossing the harbour ...

This isn't the open sea, it's Sydney Harbour, but it can get very rough when crossing between the Heads! (The Heads are North Head and South Head, the gap of water between is the entrance to Sydney Harbour). When there is a big swell running it is better than any roller coaster trip!  I used to love it when we went to the city and it was rough, watching the faces of the tourists was priceless - the locals were well used to it.  The Heads is also the nautical name for the toilet, which is where some of the passengers used to end up!

Crossing the rough part only takes about 10 mins of a 33 min trip.  These boats aren't small, they weigh about 1200 tons and carry 1100 passengers ... 

It was only rough a handful of days of the year, the pic below shows a normal day with the Manly Ferry approaching Manly Wharf.  If my reader ever goes to Sydney it is a must-do trip to catch the ferry from the city to Manly and back.  It is a lot cheaper than any harbour cruise!   As I said it takes about 33 mins for the trip - the Manly ferry runs about every 30 mins.  The Manly Ferry is a generic name really as there are actually four ferries, three are generally operational throughout the day with one as a spare in case of breakdowns.  All the four ferries are named after northern beaches ... Freshwater, Collaroy, Narrabeen and Queenscliff .
Manly Ferry approaching Manly Wharf.
OK, so after my plug for the Australian tourist board, back to today's events.

I re-stained the bathroom benchtop.  I did it not too long ago but some strange gunk got spilt on it and ate through the stain!  Not that I am blaming Elaine, but she did leave one of her potions on it unfortunately the bottle leaked!  (El here ... it was pure lavender essential oil - not a 'potion').

Talking of potions, here is the witch herself ... and I mean that in the nicest possible way!  She has been making up some cream for muscular aches and pains, as one of our fellow boaters is in need of some.  If it doesn't cure their aches they can use it for varnish stripper.  In all fairness, her potions and soaps do a very good job and she has loads of satisfied customers....including some blog readers! 
Yes - it is hot inside the boat!

She also made the boat into a Christmas grotto ...

... and as I type this twaddle I am also being forced to listen to Christmas music!  It has started:)


  1. Bring it on, I’m so excited about Christmas, I can’t sleep!! George!

  2. Been there - Done that! And there were also some very pretty sights to see on Manly Beach ;-)

  3. Loving your christmas spirit there Paul. Paula

    1. It is nice to have a cold rather than hot Christmas...