Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Back Onboard.

I took the dogs for a walk around the campsite before we left.

They are very security conscious. with loudhailers, cameras......

.....And a bloody huge electric fence all around the perimeter, the main gates are locked between 22.00 and 08.00 allowing pedestrian access only, not sure if all their sites are like this, or is it because this one is in a dodgy area of London, I didn't think it was dodgy, perhaps the Caravan Club do.

The whole of the black fence is electrified, Steve McQueen and The Great Escape come to mind. 

We soon joined the throng out of London, but thankfully no holdups.

No life ring to sit in so Bombo crashes on one couch.

Whilst Sammie travels upside down on the other couch. 

They were such great dogs on our London tour yesterday, we took them walking, on a ferry, then a tube, top deck of a double decker, in a pub and finally on a train. It is so special to be able to take them everywhere. Sadly in Oz you would be able to .......Take them for a walk!

We stopped in Milton Keynes and took my dear old mum out to a pub for lunch.

We were joined by my niece Kimberley, who works in the pub but was on a day off, we were looked after by her boyfriend Christopher who is the pub manager.....staff discount, thank you very much.

Then it was a nice cruise up the M1 and M6 where we travel in the slow lanes playing truckers, flashing our lights at each other. It is a big lump but my Aussie license covered me to drive every truck and trailer combination except a road train. When I tried converting my Aussie license to a UK one they wouldn't accept any of the truck part of it because it wasn't a EU license. They would only give me a basic car license which means I would have had to take a test to drive the motorhome, luckily I still had my old UK paper license so I used that instead so we are all happy now.

It averaged 25 MPG for the trip, not too bad I thought.

Back up to Manchester tomorrow, but at least its not an early appointment.

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