Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Mo Had To Go

I enjoyed Movember this year, but unfortunately Elaine didn't, so last night the mo had to go :-(

Elaine reckoned I looked too much like Ivan Milat, a rather unsavoury chap from here

Before we went to Manchester we had to nip down to Stone to post off the contract for the new pad back in Oz, to the real estate chappie ... it had to go registered post.

We also had to go to Barclays to send the money back to Australia that we had sent over here in case we bought a place in the UK.  Transferring money from Australia is a piece of cake, you can alter the limit on line or if it is above $100,000 you call them and they alter it for whatever amount you want. Bloody Barclays have a limit of £10,000 ... any more than that you have to go to the bank and spend 30 mins faffing about to send MY money to another Barclays account of a Currency exchange company then they charge you £25.00 for the bloody privilege.

Thanks again to Diane off NB Ferndale for taking good care of the furry ones today xx


  1. Not just Barclays it's another bloody EU regulation, this one's to do with money laundering. I tried to buy a 2nd hand car once with cash - nay on impossible these days - they wouldn't let me withdraw more than £3k at a time..

  2. Even for the locals it's just as bad. Tried to apply for AmyJo's C&RT license the other day only to find the Co-Operative bank decided someone was trying to make a fraudulent payment and blocked it. Needless to say I gave them both barrels.

    I would not have minded but they never even asked me if I wanted to proceed with the transaction first!