Thursday, December 19, 2013

Police Camera Action!!

Yesterday we tried out the load carrying capacity of the Citroen C3 by loading it up with 150KG of Coal and 80KG  of Kitty litter plus a load of shopping from the posh Tesco at Meir Heath, no Trackie Dack wearing 16 year old girls with 3 kids from 3 different dads there I tell ya. Not that that is anything wrong with that!

Last night the wind really got up and we lost the TV satellite signal, watching the Great Train Robbery A Robbers Tale, luckily it didn't last long, tonight we watched the second part of The Great Train Robbery A Coppers Tale, good bit of television.

Talking of coppers, we popped down to Stone to see the nice Polish guys in the car wash to get the car cleaned up, it was looking very very grubby inside and out. we had just picked the car up when a orange Nissan screamed past us, and I mean screamed, it was going flat out right through the centre of quiet peaceful Stone, then right behind them came five police cars in hot pursuit.....exciting stuff.

The perp didnt get too far, the old bill had ambushed him on the A34 and he was in a ditch.

I read tonight that they had arrested 4 young uns from Birmingham who had come to Stone to nick cars, no doubt they will be out on the streets tomorrow.

We also cleaned out the motorhome today in preparation for our Christmas tour.