Sunday, December 22, 2013

Catching up.

Yesterday we went to Macclesfield to pick up some post and parcels from Elaine's dads house, there were a lot of Chritsmas cards plus some parcels. We then popped down to the  Macclesfield town centre to do a bit of last minute Xmas shopping.

Another reason for a visit to Macc was to catch up with emails and pay some bills as the internet had been out in Stoke since Wednesdays storm, apparently a transmitter in Stone was knocked out. One of the consequences of this was that we were hit with a late payment plus interest payment on our credit card, we rang Barclays and told of them of the internet and phone problem and they reversed the charge. 

We got back to the boat in the early evening so decided to go down to the local Thai restaurant for a very tasty dinner.

This morning we were invited for a Sunday brunch and drinkies on Dot and Gordon's boat NB Ewn ha Cul, once again a very tasty brunch, Diane from NB Ferndale also joined us.

We then went back to the boat and transferred a lot of gear across to the motorhome, it is very handy as we can get the motorhome very close to the boat.

We then went up to the local servo and filled up the van with diesel....gulp! hopefully we can get away early tomorrow and head off to Kent, we are also going to swing by Cheshunt on the way to catch up with  a couple of Aussie friends who are over here for a couple of weeks. 

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