Saturday, December 7, 2013

Twit Twoo !

We cruised off on Friday down to Sandon as we had booked the Dog and Doublet for dinner.

It was a tad chilly on the way down, to say the least.
The Ugg nutter hat made its first appearance of the winter ...
Bombo also had his jumper AND Driza Bone on !

We had a really great night, entering the pub just before six and leaving a few hours later!!  Once again, great food and lovely staff ... we will have to go again for their Christmas dinner menu.

We left this morning in perfect conditions, dead calm and dry ...

Sam was acting like an idiot on the way back, pulling stupid faces ...

All of a sudden we spotted this fella in a tree, plus he spotted us ... not that you can miss us, but he was well camouflaged!  Into reverse we went so we could get a better shot!

What a little poseur.  I believe, but could be wrong, that he is a Little Owl?

Geoffrey came up on deck to catch some rays ...

He also went for a walkabout on the roof ...

Tonight we went and sat in the motorhome and watched Dr Who!  Why the motorhome?  Well it has a USB socket on the TV, and we had recorded the Dr Who special a couple of weeks ago ... so many Doctors in one show!


  1. Hi you two, what luck to get the pictures of the owl - fantastic, he’s so cute! Did you record the Dr Who onto a memory stick then?