Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Cruisin Into 2014!!

It is really nice to be moored up in Stone (The Centre of the Canal Universe).  Yesterday we nipped over to the Co-Op to buy a few bits and bobs for New Years Eve as we are having pre pub nibblies on board the good ship Caxton.

Yesterday I met up with the hardcore Aston Marina drinkers boaters for early doors at The Exchange and tonight we will be back at The  Exchange to see in the New Year.

Talking of the New Year, what lies ahead for the mighty NB Caxton......?

Well she will be out cruising again soon but before we head back out on the cut we shall head south in the motorhome to Spain and the South of France for some sunshine.  The plan is that once we are out on the canal system we will put the motorhome in storage then every few weeks take a break from the boat and see different parts of the UK and Scotland from a different perspective etc.  We are both very happy with this plan as we will get the best of both worlds, plus having bought a property back in Oz we feel secure that we won't get left out of the property explosion back there.  We know one day that we will return down under but we are not ready to go just yet.

We don't know where we will store the motorhome yet in between trips ... any suggestions would be welcome, or if any one has a spare piece of land or garden to rent or swap for motorhome usage would also be most welcome!!

So here is looking forward to a prosperous and healthy 2014 and once again I thank the people that read my twaddle, of course this is the real reason to carry on cruising ... so I can carry on blogging!

I love youz all xxxxx

Finally a few random pics from the last year ...

... phew !  Too many pics, so little space !  That's it!   See you next year xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Awesome blog about an unforgetable year. Wishing you an even more exciting 2014 love Diane and Ray

  2. Happy New Year and all the Best for you Two....XXxXX....
    Leonie & Ray....

    1. Same to you guys, we will call you, we have a wanky phone!!

  3. Happy New Year to you both. Heres to a happy and healthy 2014! Paula X

  4. Happy New Year, hope you have another awesome year. One of the best NB blogs around. Regards, Andy and Gill. Love those dogs.

    1. Hi Andy
      Many thanks for your kind comments.