Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday Service.

It was engine service time again, and it fell on a Sunday!  The only thing I was praying for was (1) that it didn't  rain and (2) that nothing would go wrong, so we could go down to the 'spoons for Sunday dinner.

It certainly didn't rain, it was a most pleasant day.

So what did I do to the mighty Beta 43HP....

I changed the engine oil and filter, changed the gearbox oil, changed the air filter, changed the engine fuel filter and checked the primary fuel filters for the engine and Hurricane heater, adjusted the poly rib belts, checked for any loose nuts and bolts and adjusted the stern gland.

It all went swimmingly!  What I really liked is that there was absolutely no sign of water or Cladosporium Resinae ... better known as diesel bug.  The fuel I drained off from the bottom of the tank looked so clean and fresh I nearly drank it!

Check that out.....lovely.

Now I don't know if I am lucky or is it the fact that every time we refuel the old girl we add Fuel Set to the newly filled tank.  It really is a small addition ... the recommended dose is 4000:1,  so it is very cost effective.  I have had this one litre container for nearly two years!  One litre to treat 4000 litres of fuel - it's a no-brainer.   I reckon it works, and best of all....... 

It's made in Australia!

It all went so well I even degreased the engine and engine room!

Tonight we are off to the 'spoons for Sunday roast.

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