Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Oh how we miss the motorhome!  When we drove through Europe in the motorhome it was dead easy because we just motored for relatively short distances and would stop frequently for a cuppa or a kip in the back.  Plus when we had enough it was dead easy to find a place to park up for the night.

This trip is different as we want to get to Mojacar (Spain) as quickly as possible otherwise it will cost a fortune in hotel rooms.  We have also not booked ahead in case anything happens to delay us.

We left Chartres at about 9.00am and drove for about 8 hours.  We were getting close to Bordeaux, so Elaine found a cheapish, dog friendly apartment on the internet and booked it when we were about an hour away.

The dogs love a road trip, they just sleep upside down in the back.

Occasionally Sammie wakes up to check what is going on ...

And here we are approaching Bordeaux.  No nice pics I'm afraid as we just wanted to get to the room and have some food and drink ...

Once we checked in we went for a walk and bought a couple of Pizzas and a (small) bottle of red to take back to the apartment.

Tomorrow we aim to get to Zaragoza (Spain).  It's just a quick trip across the border of about 6 hours!

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