Thursday, October 9, 2014

Chasing The Sun!

We picked the car up on Tuesday evening from the garage.  It now has a new exhaust, cam belt, poly belt, water pump and was also given a full service.  It cost a fortune but as we want to drive it to Spain we had to make sure it was all good.

On Wednesday morning we emptied our last remaining belongings from Elaine's dad's 'bottom room'.  We have had lots of boxes stored here for over 2.5 years, now most of it is in storage waiting to go back to Oz and the rest is ...

... in here ...

The car was absolutely packed but we left a little spot for the dogs and a little bit bigger spot for us!
Our boys will fall asleep anywhere ...

First stop was Milton Keynes, where we spent the night at my mother's house,  
Sammy was showing her the blog! 

This morning we left Milton Keynes and headed to Weavering near Maidstone, where we moored up for the night at Elaine's sister's house!  They are in Italy until Saturday night so we have the place to ourselves, plus we now have their dog with us, who the neighbour was looking after.

I was happy with the way the car went - it has now done about 250 miles since it was serviced and all is well.  So, my next job of the day was to 'fine tune' the Spanish trip.

This afternoon we finalised a booking on an apartment in Mojacar, booked the ferry for this Monday 13th October and loaded up the currency card, so in a couple of hours the next part of the big adventure was sorted.

For the next few days we will just chill in Elaine's sister's lovely house.

Just checked the weather in Mojacar, 28 and sunny ... woohoo back into the shorts and crocs soon!


  1. Continental weather has been a bit mixed recently, but here in south eastern Spain we are having consistent warm sunny days. If you fancy meeting up while you are in Mojacar before you both return to Oz, let us know and we can share a beer over our own tale of woe! We are around here till 26th Oct! Mojacar is a beaut place, particularly the old village.

    1. We will definitely have a meet up, we should be down there about next Thursday all going well.

    2. Grand. You have my email address which is instantly accessible when one arrives this end. We are also fully mobile and probably less than an hour from Mojacar, so take you pick and let us know. Pity you aren't here tomorrow,our London based daughter is with us for the weekend and we have a table for 9 booked at the local Chinese.

  2. Roll on another adventure - enjoy!! xx

  3. Hi Elaine and Paul
    Good to hear that your master plan is still on track :-)
    Thanks again Paul for the motor home chat. We're just home from a month on the West Coast and had a great time taking the van north of Perth for 10 days. Was a pity not to have more time but we had an equally great time with number 2 son who now lives in Perth. Would love to do the motor home thing again - possibly explore inland a bit next time :-)
    Hope you enjoy Spain and good luck with your return to Oz.
    Can definitely confirm it's hotting up over there!!
    Marian and Mike