Thursday, October 30, 2014

We now Have a Schnauzer!!

I haven't blogged for a few days as we haven't really done anything exciting. Our time in Spain was always going to a time to relax and just chill, I am pleased to say we have been doing it in bucket loads.

We might as well make the most of it because come February we will be heading back to Oz and work!!

I can't complain really as when we left Oz it was just going to be a 1 year trip on a narrowboat, by the time we go back it will be three years away from work!!

This morning we headed to the centre of our little town where Bombo was going to have a haircut, he is really suffering in the heat, although it is cooling down a little, today was 28.

This is the CBD of Mojacar ...

We had to laugh at this sign.

I really would have to say I haven't seen any Spaniards working so hard that they need a rest!

This is the view in the centre of town, we are about 3 ks along the beach.

Whilst Bombo was having his hair cut we went for a walk around the shops then had a drink and tapas in the town square.

And here he is, he looks like a bloody Schnauzer.....

We asked her to cut his fur very short, she didn't disappoint, he looks so different.

There is only one charity shop in Mojacar, it is for the local dogs and cats. I bought Maggies memoirs for 1 Euro......I am sure some ex UK  miners would say that is too much!

We were also on a mission today to find another gas cylinder, as we had run out in the flat. We found one in the end, but it took a while.

Tomorrow we may go exploring, but generally it is hot so we just go for a walk then have a dip in the sea, as I said before we are chillin to the max while we can! 

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