Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hoy hemos tratado de aprender un poco de español

We had a Spanish lesson this morning whilst having brekkie at the Beachcomber cafe, the class has already been running for about 5 weeks so we are a bit behind.

After our one hour lesson we drove up into the hills to the little village of Bedar.

A very Spanish village, the reason for that is that we are in Spain! 

What I really mean is that it is not a tourist village,

By now it was about 13.00 and very hot, the locals were in their shuttered up houses keeping cool.

Only mad dogs and a  English women would be using a gym in the midday sun!

Elaine started to melt so we headed back to the car, we left the village and its 37 degree heat to head back to the  coast.

We weaved our way back through the narrow village streets.

Elaine hung her head out the car window with the dog to cool down.

This afternoon Elaine had a siesta whilst I went down the beach for a swim, it was a much more pleasant 28 degrees here on the coast, 37 is way too hot!

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