Friday, October 17, 2014

First Day in Mojacar

As per the plan we had a very lazy day today.  We both slept very well last night, it is so unbelievably quiet here.  The only noise I can hear is the dulcet ringing of tinnitus in my ears!

The first thing I did today was to check the weather!  As you can see from the pic below it's going to be sunny, then again we are in Spain so it is to be expected, and the reason we are here ...

We went for a walk this morning with the doggies.  We feel positively young here, there are rather a lot of old English retired types hanging around between rounds of golf! 

There are so few people about I wonder how the tourist businesses survive - they do seem to have a very short season!  We have already seen a lot of places on the front that have obviously gone bust, it's such a shame, it must be so sad to lose everything.

After breaking into a sweat after the walk, we tried out the pool in the complex.  It was very refreshing, as in bloody freezing!  I had a quick swim and pushed Elaine in on my way out, so she had a quick swim too!

I may have to buy a new sun hat.  My old well-travelled favourite hat that I bought in Newbury last summer didn't survive the road trip very well ...

The med is absolutely dead calm at the mo. Tomorrow we will go for a swim, it has to be warmer than the pool ...

This is our neighbour's pad ... I have never seen so many security measures in my life!  It has razor wire, an electric fence, zillions of cameras and satellites galore ...

It's probably owned by a rich old pom who is trying to keep his young piece from escaping!

We also went to the local supermercado to do a big shop, so we are now stocked up for a few days!

This evening it was time for another walk along the deserted beach and then off to check out one of the many beach bars for a swift drink ...

I love this crossing - when you get to the other side you have to hurdle the bush!

As we walk along the prom we do one of our favourite pastimes ... we try to get the Spanish to make eye contact and say hola.  So far we have about a 99% failure rate!!


  1. Looks great. Back in sunny St. Helens Tassie, to be 22C today. Keep well. Jennifer and Peter

    1. Thanks guys, see you down there one day xx