Monday, October 20, 2014

The Long Lunch

Our only plan for today was to meet up with fellow bloggers, Peter and Margaret from NB Kelly Louise fame.

We have been communicating since we first started our blog back in 2011 and nearly met up with Peter and Margaret when they were on the Oriana world cruise back in February 2012.  They had moored up in Sydney but we were in the middle of mad packing getting ready to go to the UK at the time, so couldn't make it to see them.

They now own a motorhome as well as a narrowboat so we were going to have plenty to chat about.  They are presently staying in a unit near Almeria, which is about an hour's drive away.

The plan was to meet at Tito's Chiringuito at noon.

Well chat we did and had the most fantastic lunch and catch up.

There was no slowdown in the chat ... we covered every subject on the narrowboating and motorhoming spectrum and never mentioned toilets once!

Sammy had no problems being fussed ...

 It turned out to be a very long lunch ... we called it quits six and a half hours later!!!!

The food and drink was superb and all at very reasonable prices ....

Thanks for coming to see us guys.  It was so good to meet you at long last ... hopefully we will do it all again one day!

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