Saturday, August 8, 2015

Back to The Canals.

We left Weymouth early yesterday morning, filling with water before we left as we didn't know how long it would be before we could fill her up again.

Just out of the campsite and we meet a coach!  He was much bigger than me so I had to reverse back to a farm entrance. 

It was quite a long drive back to mum's place at Milton Keynes.

After dropping off mum and having a cuppa we headed over to Thrupp to catch up with our Aston Marina boating buddies, who had arranged a berth for us behind Annies Tea Rooms.

It was a great place to park for the night, lovely and quiet apart from the passing freight trains - but they are music to my ears. 

We headed to the towpath for an afternoon tea courtesy of flat bread floosie, Sue, who makes the best flat breads ever.  Actually Sue makes the best of everything ever...she is a magic cook. 

The group consisted of  Ray and Diane (NB Ferndale) Andy and Sue (NB Festina Lente) and Maffi and Molly (NB Millie M)

Elaine gave Maffi some of her home made soap, not because he smells, but because she likes him!

After many flat breads and a few beers we went back to the motorhome for a shower and get our glad rags on.  We were soon visited by Obergruppenfuhrer, who told us that we we not allowed to park there and we must move!  I told the lovely person very nicely that we had permission from Annie's tea rooms to park there but she said that Annie was a lowly Gruppenfuhrer and couldn't make such decisions.  I retaliated with the fact that I had drunk too much beer so couldn't move it anyway, so she granted us a special dispensation to stay for ze one night only.   She clicked her heels together saluted and left us alone.

We met up with the usual suspects in The Boat pub and had a most enjoyable night. 

This morning we were up early to wave the others off.
What a morning, it was absolutely stunning. 

Andy was first through Maffi's bridge. 

Then they breasted up for a empty of the nasties and a fill with water. 

Elaine saying goodbye to Sue, with Maffis RAF flag flying in the background. 

After farewelling the two boats we took the doggies for a walk and passed the famous narrowboat Rose of Arden.

We thought they might still be in bed so didn't bother knocking, but I did receive a message from Mike that apparently I nearly ran over his toes whilst navigating the motorhome over Maffi's bridge.....ooopppss. 

We left Thrupp en-route for our next stop at Aynho but we did a quick shop on the way and also passed through Bladon village, where Winston Churchill and all the other Churchill's are buried.

It is a tiny church, all the other graves are in disrepair, apart from.....  

After paying our respects we headed off to Aynho, where we moored up at the boatyard.
It is a terrific spot, they charge £2.00 a night including elec and water, it must be the best value motorhome stop in England. 

Elaine was feeling a bit weary so had a horizontal pause and while she stayed back at the van I went for a bike ride along the towpath.  I made it as far as Somerton before my arse was about to drop off!  I need a bike with suspension, preferably a motorbike! 

Back at the van we sat out in the sun watching the boats cruise by.
Tomorrow our boating buddies will meet up with us again, good job there is a pub next door.

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