Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Moreton In Marsh

We left Aynho this morning and headed for a Caravan Club site at Moreton In Marsh.  We had a voucher for 2 nights free ... the voucher came with our our renewed membership of the Caravan Club!  The membership cost £46.00 and the voucher for 2 nights was worth £57.00.....a winner.! The check in chick had never seen a voucher for 2 free nights, but she accepted it with no problem.

It's a great site and is only a few minutes walk to the town centre.

There is a market in the town on Tuesday, so it was a very good day to go walkabout plus a good time to buy some good priced odds and sods.

We stocked up on grapes and raspberries - going cheap!

The majority of the shoppers were of a very elderly persuasion ...

 After our walkabout we had a beer in town then returned to the van where we gave it a good clear out and tidy up.  Our pitch looked rather out of place when we emptied it out. The Caravan Club sites are always immaculate and very regimental, so we fitted in rather well......not!  But it was free plus we made good use of the laundry to get all the washing up to date.

In the evening a mobile pizza oven parked up in the carpark, they were doing a fantastic trade ...

We had to wait about half an hour for our pizzas ...

We got back to the van, cracked a bottle of of red, then disaster ... Elaine's Pizza somehow was smothered in ham, which is not good for a very strict pescatarian.  She couldn't be bothered to go back and wait for them to change it, so I had two pizzas, although there is plenty left for a pizza breakfast.  Poor Elaine had fish fingers and salad!

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  1. We didn't get any free vouchers with our caravan club renewal :-(