Thursday, August 6, 2015

I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

It was a lovely day to catch the bus down to Weymouth and join the throngs of pasty poms enjoying a day at the seaside.

The beach was packed. 

Punch and Judy were having a break. 

We really liked it, it is a nice town. 

The bridge lifted to let some Gin Palaces back into the marina. 

The railway tracks are still on the quayside.  I can remember coming here in the 60s and trains going through the street.

Like this.

Can't say I remember much else about the place. 

The boys liked it. 

The pub outdoor areas were packed. 

We had afternoon tea outside the T Shop. 

I loved this - a fast response paramedic pushbike, it even had flashing lights and a siren. 

We caught the bus back to base and enjoyed the view across to Portland Bill. 

Tomorrow we take mother back to Milton Keynes then go across to Thrupp to catch up with our boaty friends......woohoo.


  1. We used to spend our childhood holidays in Weymouth so your pictures brought back memories. I can also remember the train coming through!

  2. Like Snowy Owl I too spent most of my childhood holidays camping at Weymouth. Brought back many happy memories seeing your pictures.

    In those days we could go to the top of Portland bill lighthouse til some idiot decided to see if he could fly.

  3. You nearly drive over my toes as you came over the Thrupp bridge. Then stop to chat with Maffi.... Did not get chance to say hello...

    So here is a belated Hello.

    1. Sorry about your toes....I dropped by this morning to say hello, but it looked a bit quiet onboard, as in maybe still in bed.

  4. Hiya. Grew up in Totnes. Lived in Paignton. And my wife is from Lyme Regis. Your pictures of south Devon have been a real treat.

    1. It would be a great place to live. Lots of alternative lifestyle types in Totnes which is cool.