Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Onto Weymouth

We left Totnes this morning en-route to Weymouth.

We had used up our first gas bottle and had been using the other for the last few days.  We took 28 litres, which is pretty good as that means we have only used 28 litres since April 5th.  The good thing about the system I have fitted to the van is that you don't have to exchange cylinders, you just replace what you have used.  It is just like filling a car with petrol, plus we can fill all over Europe without buying different bottles etc.

Our route today took us through Lyme Regis. 

It was packed full of tourists, it's good fun driving through the narrow streets. 

And here is our mooring for the next couple of nights.  We are moored up on a cliff overlooking Weymouth and Portland Bill. Once again we don't have any power, just water and an Elsan.  The solar panel worked great in Devon - we spent six nights with no power and the batteries were well topped up every day. The only drain we had was the LED lights, the water pump, charging laptops and phones and the TV on for a few hours.  The fridge is gas, so as long as the sun shines we should be able to last a fair old while. 

We went for a walk around the local village Osmington where thatched roofs abound. 

Our bit news is that we have booked the cross channel ferry for 18th August...woobloodyhoo!

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