Thursday, August 13, 2015

Cropredy Day 1

We didn't do a great deal in Moreton In Marsh yesterday.  I did pick up the remainder of my drugs from the pharmacy, but the rest of the day was spent sitting around and reading.

It was a fabulous sunset last night - I also got up at 01.00 to check out the shooting stars!  It was a perfectly clear sky, I am pleased to say I did see a few shooting across the sky.

This morning we were up at 06.00 as we were going to the Cropredy festival for 4 days.  Our tickets and emails said under no circumstances arrive before 08.00, we arrived at 08.10 and joined a three mile queue!!

I am pleased to say the queue moved quickly and by 09.00 we were all moored up and levelled out.  We are in field no 7 of 7 fields ... all the others were full, apparently everyone ignores the 08.00 time and gets here at 04.00 where they clog the roads, so the police make the organisers open the gates early.

As its worked out though we do have a great posi ... just a short walk across the canal bridge and we are in front of the stage.

There are numerous water taps and elsan dumps dotted around the field.  I wonder if these people realised what elsan meant when they pitched their tent?!!

The ends are open......! 

We went for a walkabout as the concert doesn't start till 16.00

Humorous signs abound ...

Backstage ...

Main Arena ...

Beer tent ...

It won't be like this in a few hours! 

Another sign ...

After a good walkabout Sammie put the brakes on ...

 Isn't it wonderful that the dogs are allowed access to all parts of the campsite and arena, although we won't take them to the arena when the bands are playing, the noise may freak them out.

We are still amazed at what a dog friendly country the UK is and in our position of being Pikeys, travellers it makes our life so much more easy and complete.

We were having a laugh about if we were doing the traveller bit with the dogs back in Oz.  The dogs would be barred from all public transport, bars/pubs, cafe's, national parks, all the beaches in Sydney and 90% outside of Sydney, no chance of being let into a music festival, barred from most markets and most importantly they are barred from most campsites!

Not really a whinge, just facts that affect us, of course if you hate dogs move down under!


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