Monday, August 17, 2015

Next Stop Bruges......Bye Bye UK

As we will soon be on the other side of the Channel we decided to have our last Sunday roast for a while at our pub stopover, last night.  (The Waggon and Horses at Charing, Ashford, Kent).  All washed down with a pint of Doombar for me and a pint of Guinness for El.  All very British!

It was a really nice stopover as well, with all amenities ...

Nicely tucked away from the pub. 

This morning I replaced the main lip seal on one of the cassettes as it was leaking, resulting in a bit of a  whiffy smell!  We thought that maybe a Cropredy hippy may have stowed away in the van somewhere!

Whilst I was fixing the cassette, Elaine took the boys out for a walk - she came back soon afterwards carrying a 'kin armed animal trap in her hand! 

She found the bloody thing under a hedge, where the boys had been sniffing around!

I disarmed the 'kin thing, bent it so it would never work again, wrapped it up and chucked it in the bin ...

We left the pub stop and ambled our way towards the next pubstop just outside of Dover.  We stopped at Morrisons on the way so Elaine could stock up on half a ton of Halloumi ... it is really hard to find in mainland Europe for some strange reason!

So here we are moored up for our last night in the UK.  We don't have any amenities at this one but it is dead quiet and in the middle of nowhere and is the same place we stayed at last year, on our way 'out' (click here if you want to go back in time!!)

  We have a very early start tomorrow, we will have to be up by 05.00!! Yikes. 

Our destination tomorrow will be Bruges ... for no other reason than the 2008 film 'In Bruges' is our favourite film of all time!  


Since picking up the van on 20th March 2015 we have ...
  • Travelled 3913km (2431 miles)
  • Driven for 81.45 Hours
  • Averaged 48kph (29.83 MPH)
  • Averaged 11.2 L/100Km (25.22 MPG)

For a fully loaded van I am pretty happy with that!  I havn't kept an accurate record on how much we paid for fuel to date but I reckon it would work out at about £480 ($960 AUD).

Mainland Europe should work out a lot cheaper on fuel, with a good exchange rate plus cheaper diesel.

All going well we should be back in the UK mid Feb 2016.   

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