Saturday, August 1, 2015

We Find God and Cream Teas!

We picked up mother from Milton Keynes yesterday morning, our destination for the next few days was Totnes in Devon. 

It was a pretty crappy drive with very heavy traffic.  We turned off the motorway at Bath because it was blocked and for the rest of the journey we went cross country.  It was good to be moving but it added a extra couple of hours to the journey.

This is our mooring which is right in the centre of Totnes.  There is no 240 hookup, so it will be interesting to see how well the solar panel works. 

Today we went for a walk into town, the tide was well and truly out! 

We love Totnes, it is a very alternative town which we both like. 

There is an eclectic mix of shops in the town, no Primark here or any of the old tat you normally see in an English town.

Narnia...the time travellers shop! 

Even I enjoy wondering around the shops here.

Fantastic vintage shop, with not so vintage prices! 

Devon Harp Centre! 

Tea rooms. 

Check out the tea pots. 

Inside the tea shop, no doggies allowed unfortunately, so we couldn't check it out. 


They just go on......

and on...

The local church was having its summer fete, so we went inside for afternoon tea.  Mother freaked out at being in a church and ran away to check out more shops!

Scones jam and cream, and praying that I wouldn't put on too much weight! 

(El likes the 'orbs' in the pew behind me in this pic - keep telling her its dust, but she won't have it!)

The Totnes brass band were playing in the corner. 

Back down the hill we go heading back to base. 

Still no water. 

We went for a walk along the river tonight which it is virtually breaking its banks.  It must be a very high tide, full (super) moon and all that.

It is Sunday tomorrow, better find some nice clothes for church.....Amen!


  1. What a lovely little place. Such fun to have tea and scones in church, hope you were on your best behaviour?

    Robin and jenny - Romany Rambler

  2. Have you been to China Blue, it's lovely! Paula