Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Cruising Down A River

Today we went on a river cruise from Totnes to Dartmouth down the River Dart.

We got the primo position right on the stern of the boat.   Here is Mother and Elaine smiling in the lovely sunshine.

It's nice to be on the water. 

We soon left Totnes behind. 

This tractor was grass cutting on a serious incline. 

It is a lovely meandering river. 

Sammie was staring through the scuppers, narrowboat dreaming. 

Sharpham house, built in 1765 from the proceeds from the capture of a Spanish treasure ship. 

Duncannon, the smallest village in England. 

Superb views along the river. 


Agatha Christie's house up in the trees. 

Elaine enjoying the trip. 

This house has a copper roof, which hopefully will go green in time and blend in with the surrounding trees.

Not a bad boat lift as well. 

Still posing. 

Finally into Dartmouth. 

It is a lovely town, but..... 

Having mother with us, we can't walk around too much. 

We went to a local pub for lunch, then caught a bus back to Totnes. 

Twas a lovely day, tomorrow we will head towards Weymouth.

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