Saturday, August 22, 2015

More of the Seine

We worked out our plan yesterday!  It is in a very basic form at the moment ... we plan on staying in France for a month, ending up in the South of France, then spend a month travelling through Spain ending up in Mojacar! We will then stay in Mojacar until Feb/Mar time.  Detailed or what?!

Back to yesterday where we decided to stay put and watch the ships go by.  It also helped that the weather was superb, with a very nice 29 degree temperature ...

Elaine very kindly gave my feet a massage and after about 5 mins I was away in the land of nod.  

Sammie just chilled ...

Elaine then got carried away and started massaging the feet of our fellow motorhomers ... well our two neighbours anyway!

Later in the day, when the weather had cooled we took the boys for a walk around Mailleraye Sur Seine.  Here is our 'prom shot' for the day ... 

It is a very clean and super-tidy village. The locals are very friendly and it has two hairdressers, a newsagent, two patisseries, a supermarket, a car wash, a vet, a huge 'gendarmerie' building (which was generally closed) a restaurant and a couple of bars.....what more do you need? 

Talking of bars we met our new friends, Graham and Elaine, outside one of them ... so it would have been rude not to join them for a drink or two!

We already had had a good chat back at the motorhome ... they are a lovely couple from Devizes and it didn't take too much chatting to realise that we had a lot in common, including a love of the best shoes in the world CROCS!  We all had a pair on! 

After a few 'Leffes' we headed back to our respective vans to find some dinner!  It was a stunning evening ... 

This morning we bade farewell to Graham and Elaine as they headed off back to the UK. 
They were great people, so we plan to keep in touch ... and maybe meet up with them at Cropredy next year!!

We then popped up the road to get a few supplies from the local shop.

We passed this vet on the way ... they were offering a very good price for the pet check which is required before you can take your animal back into the UK.  Last time I think we paid about 35 Euros each dog! 

Once back at base we filled the van with water, emptied the nasties and decided to stay here for another day!

The awning is out as the temperature is nudging 30!  Life is very, very good ... I can't believe we have found such a lovely spot on our first few days into the adventure. 

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