Tuesday, May 31, 2016


 With all the stuff going on in our little world at the moment I really haven't paid much attention to the blog, so now I'm sat here in the van on my own and have some spare time I have be checking out the stats.....501,757 hits, crikey.

Thank you dear reader for hitting the keyboard 501,757 times I am so grateful, it really is quite special that someone reads Wot I Wrote.

Back to today, I was up early and packed the last couple of things in the van including the two boys, Elaine would never forgive me for leaving those two behind! 

I set Mr Tom Tom to Macclesfield taking the quickest route and using tolls and away we went.

Its a good job I have a sat nav cos the navigator was asleep after about 15 minutes on the road.

The toll roads are cheap in Spain and deserted, its also greening up a little as we head up the coast. 

I moored up after about 530 ks, I stopped at a Spanish Aire, its a bit different to the French ones as they charge you, but its only 10 Euro and that includes electric hook up and water etc. There are a lot of vans here, mostly Dutch followed by French and German, I'm the only English van. 

I walked into the town but forgot to take the camera so I nicked one off the net, I am staying at the resort of Peniscola.

I will easily be in France tomorrow, hopefully I will find a nice little village to moor up in.

They have done lots of tests on Elaine so she is awaiting the outcome of what they plan to do treatment wise.


  1. Sorry to hear that Elaine not too good hope she feels better soon. Safe journey back to the UK.

  2. I read with a smidgen of sadness for you both but.........you're gonna both be fine xx
    21apr thought a chest infection
    22nd terminal and no options or treatment, palliative care only
    It's really quite freeing, blessed with the time to say my thank yous goodbyes and sorries
    But also on my own so no close partner to worry about
    I don't believe the big guy upstairs is calling Elaine home yet just giving you both a bit of a scare so keep the faith and plod on
    Oh and the worst day on my boat beat the best day on land xx
    Take care

    1. Thank you so much for that and all the best to you

  3. Safe travels Paul and all the best to you both. Jennie and Chris, nb Tentatrice

  4. Hi Paul and El
    Following your blog as we have left our narrowboat at home and gone cruising in our motorhome - we are currently in Sardinia.
    Just to say we are thinking of you both and hope that after all the tests El has a treatment plan that she ( and you) is happy with.
    After reading about your experiences in Mojacar we will head there next winter.

    Our dog who is now 13 also has the habit of being a rubbish navigator but he doesn't sleep - he just sits on my lap and let's me get into trouble if it goes wrong. I see that your two can't take any responsibility for anything!!

    Anyway keep posting the Blog - you have already made us want to visit Almeria!!

    Thinking of you both

    Win and Jack

    (NB Firecracker). Named after our Border Terrier " Jacks Firecracker "