Monday, May 2, 2016

The Road To The Beach

I have bought a dash cam for the little car, the main reason being to have some good evidence if we have the misfortune to have a prang with a Spanish car. The driving is not quite as bad as the Aussie standard however if you do have a prang, being a foreigner, it's always going to be your fault!

A friend of ours had a prang with a Spanish driver a few months ago.  The Spanish driver lost control and crossed to the wrong side of the road and crashed into their car.  She admitted liability in writing but they are still having problems trying to get the Spanish insurance to cough up.

Hopefully with a camera it will make it more cut and dried should it happen to us.

We will also put the camera in the motorhome when we are using that.

I shot a little test clip which shows the road from the villa down to the beach.  You can see why we needed the little car, it's a bit tight on some of the bends, plus it doesn't really show you how steep the road is ...


  1. Wise choice. We had one in the Rapido during our own Winter travels through Spain. They don't seem to have the hang of roundabouts do they? No matter which lane you choose correct (according to our Highway Code) or otherwise, some bugger will always cut you up to get to their exit first.

  2. I can certainly see why you enjoy living where you are right now - it looks lovely, clean and warm.
    I watched the video on Saturday morning and was interested to see that while the roads are not wide on your trip down/up hill, there are a large number of roads in Wellington that are extremely narrow and windy - we went to a party in Sar Street on Friday night. Now that street is narrow and has parked cars as well. And to make it worse the house is down a windy, uneven path with steps, bends, no handrail ... AARRGGHH!! They have a cable car (constructed of corrugated iron, for heaven's sake) but the descent is so steep I cannot contemplate getting into it. And friends live at the top of Orangi Kaupapa Rd - check it and Sar St out on Google street view. Look at the streets themselves and then where the houses are built - madness!!
    Wellington is full of streets like those and I have never been able to consider living close to the city for that reason. Flat, drive on section is the requirement!
    Cheers, Marilyn