Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Road Trip Day 2

The day started with me on the phone to Bupa Australia once again, you cannot believe how hard it is to try and make the send a simple insurance transfer form. I finally resorted to facebook and gave them both barrels, then they responded, but refused to ring me even though we were told a couple of weeks ago that they can call anywhere in the world no problem! Its OK for me to call them from Spain, but not OK for a multi million dollar business to call me from Australia.
I wont bore you with all the details but I will say that BUPA Australia would have to be the worst company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. I now have BUPA Spain on their case and they assure me that they will get it sorted.....I wait with baited breath!

Next it was to see a young para legal in Vera who is sorting out my NIE for me. I had  totally incompetent girl doing it, but she has been attempting to do it since December, the new girl sorted it within 10 minutes!! The NIE is an identity card for foreigners wanting to buy property, cars etc in Spain, I have a motorbike which I want to put into my name but without an NIE it cannot be done.

Whilst in VERA we ended up down some very narrow streets I had to do lots of shunting to get around some of the corners and parked cars, we ended up driving the wrong way down a one way street as I could not get out! I will put the video on from the dash cam later, it was such fun.....not.    

Phew.....then it was time to carry on with the road trip, we didn't go too  far, driving for about an hour until we came to the tiny village of  Agua Amarga.

A really lovely little village.

We moored up right on the beach. 

I went for a walk with the dogs then sat in the sun drinking beer and reading a book. 

Elaine was tired so crashed out in her nest in the motorhome for a few hours.

Only problem was that there was no internet signal, which I needed to do battle with BUPA Australia the following morning.

I said to Elaine we will have to move to a more populated area where there is a signal, as we were getting ready to leave the old bill pulled up and said No Camping, good job we were moving then. Its the first time we have been moved on anywhere in Europe so no big deal.

We drove for an hour down the coast to Almeria where we spotted a gaggle of motorhomes moored up.

Its not a brilliant spot but will do for the night.

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  1. You must have paid thousands to BUPA over the years (don't scare yourself by adding it up), part of which goes to pay their wages. Hope you are successful to get some value for your money paid and to get what you have paid for (insurance!).