Due to the incompetence of Bupa Australia we are now in Spain with no health insurance, what I believe to be a simple request for a transfer form between Bupa Australia and Bupa Spain has now dragged on for over two weeks.
Despite giving Bupa Australia our email address they have not contacted us once by email.
We have called Bupa Australia three times from Spain each time they promised to get back to us within 24-48 hours. We are still waiting!!
The Spanish Bupa team have given us a couple of more days grace to get it sorted if Bupa Australia do not send the transfer form we will have to start Spanish health insurance from scratch with an inflated price and months of waiting period.
We have been with MBF/Bupa since 2000!!!
Bupa Australia I get your annoyance here Paul.

Not only should we be able to provide the clearance certificate directly to you, Bupa Spain should also have been able to request it directly from us....See More

Paul Macey Amryn I have sent you a private message, did you receive it??
Bupa Australia Hi Paul,

I’ve got your message, and I’ve tried to respond - however it says ‘this person is not accepting messages from you right now’

Are you able to double check if you’re allowed to receive messages from us?

Let me know,

Bupa Australia Hi Paul,

I don’t know why the private message is not working but I just tried it again. What I can do is email to the address we have on file from...See More

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Paul Macey Why cant you Phone, give me your direct number I will call you AGAIN at my expense AGAIN. It really should not be this hard, Give me the phone number of your managing director I will call him direct......Please Please Please call me on +34 634347475
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Bupa Australia Hey Paul,

It definitely shouldn’t be this hard, we’re not sure why the private messaging system isn’t working properly but we have to work with what we can. You don’t have to reply to the email we sent you, you can simply reply to us on private message, but since we can’t reply that way for some reason, we’ll have to send you emails instead, so we can still talk to you in real-time.

Otherwise, we can’t call internationally, so you’ll need to call us on +61 3 9487 6400.

Speak soon,

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Paul Macey We called that number and got thro to brisbane then someone else - no-one knows who you are or where you work!!!! Please can you call us as we cannot obviously get a hold of you!
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Paul Macey

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Paul Macey I cannot see any reason why you cannot message me, however yesterday once again we rang Bupa Australia from Spain, with a promise that they would get back to us within 24 hours. That has now expired. i rang the Bupa people in Spain a moment ago and it is looking very doubtful that we are going to be able to transfer the health cover from Australia to Spain. We are now without health cover in Spain all due to the total incompetence of Bupa Australia. This has now being going on for over two weeks. What I now suggest is that YOU call me on our Spanish mobile no +34634347475. It is 09.30 Spanish time i await your call. If I do not receive a call back I will contact BUPA UK head office and see if they can work out what the problem is with BUPA Australia
Paul Macey 10.00 am still waiting for the call!!!!
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Paul Macey !0.37 I have emailed i have private messaged begging for a response, still no answer..........What is wrong with Bupa Australia!!
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Elli Henry I feel your pain Paul! Good luck!!
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Paul Macey The Saga continues, we get told to call a Melbourne number and end up talking to someone in Brisbane and once again spend considerable time on the phone getting nowhere. Apparently Bupa Australia cannot call international even though when we spoke to them over two weeks ago we were told that they could call anywhere in the world no problem. Now of course they have all finished for the day so we now have to start the process all over again tomorrow. Another day where we have no health insurance thanks to the woeful service from BUPA Australia. On the last call I told the lady to make sure the call was recorded and to please send it to their managing director for his appraisal. While this farce is an absolute joke I cannot imagine what it would be like if you had to put a claim in.
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Bupa Australia I know the communication between yourself, Sanitas and us hasn’t been great Paul.

The good news is that I’ve just sent you an email with the Bupa Interfund Transfer Form and I’ve also sent this directly to your contacts (Sean and Clare) at Sanitas. This was also sent to Sanitas on the 12/05/2016 too (not sure why this was never received). Fingers crossed this will ensure that your cover in Spain is confirmed ASAP.

We’ve taken on board your feedback here on Facebook and I’ve also passed this onto our customer service team to ensure this process is easier moving forward.

Hopefully it’s smooth sailing ahead, but if anything else comes up, we’re only a post away.

Take care,

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Paul Macey Thank You Natalie, we now have the correct form sent to the correct people. Just a couple of points if I may, firstly I cannot tell you how much stress this has put us through over the last few days. Secondly and I wont go on too much, all of this could have been resolved very quickly if only you had called me on the phone, I called at least seven times from Spain. Email and facebook is ok but when a situation starts to get out of control you should resolve it quickly by making direct contact not email especially when the customer is on the other side of the world in a different time zone. When a case gets tricky get one person to deal with it so i have a contact and not have to go through the main switchboard and be sent all over the country because nobody knows who i am and what the problem is. I seriously hope that no one has to go through what we have had to endure for the last three days. Moving on thank you again for getting it sorted....Paul Macey.
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Paul Macey

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Paul Macey

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