Monday, May 16, 2016

Mojacar Is A Changing

Mojacar is changing in a few ways.  The 'snowbirds' have all moved back to Northern Europe or Canada etc, - the last one of our winter friends returned to the UK last week.  

It's a really good option to head back to the UK for summer.   I read a lot of the narrowboat blogs and looking at the pics makes us quite envious!  There really is nothing on this earth to beat England's green and pleasant land in the summertime, especially viewing it from a narrowboat ...

The snowbirds have now been replaced by the holiday makers, who are quite a different breed from the long term winter stayers.  They are here for a short time so they spend big eating and drinking out every night.  The holiday makers are welcomed by the local businesses as this is the time that they start to rake in the cash.

It hits the peak in July and August and, according to the locals, it gets absolutely packed down here; consequently we will also head north to escape the herds of tourists and the oppressive heat. 

As you can see from the below pics it's still far from packed at the moment.  The top pic was 09.00 this morning and the bottom one 18.00 this evening ...

The other thing changing is the weather - there are no more cool parts of the day or night.  It's not too hot by any means just a nice 23-28 during the day and 14-18 at night.  It will be t-shirts and shorts now all the way through to November.

Our next guest arrives from the UK in a couple of weeks so tomorrow we are taking off in the van for a few days. We are going to head along the coast towards Gibraltar.

Unfortunately, our first stop will be the hospital at Almeria as Elaine is in agony with her belly swelling again through ascites.  They will check her out and drain off the fluid if required.  Once it is done it's instant relief for her so we will carry on with the road trip.  

Our trip will be a good test for the van to see if the gearbox oil leak is fixed.  I'm pretty sure it is but it will be nice to do a few miles and make sure its 100% before we head off back to the UK in July.  

We have also made a decision that June is going to be a guest-free month!!  It's lovely to see people but Elaine really does need to rest and, because she is who she is, doesn't like to 'lay around' when we have visitors.  It's a shame but needs must etc!


  1. Good on you both, you need to look after each other not guests for a while. Hope Elaine is feeling better very soon and that you enjoy your few days away in the van. xx